Democrats opposed the plan, because it contains a cap on Medicaid income eligibility. Deal Deal and Orrin Hatch , who with Democrats with Democrats to SCHIP legislation crafts. But it is not clear whether the Grassley – Hatch offer backed by Democrats, said Today. Today.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had set a deadline of the end of this week to reach an agreement on SCHIP legislation. Pelosi ‘committed to finding a solution, but if we can not find, in this week, we’re done, ‘a House Democratic aide said. House Republicans said that Democrats do not have any official reply to a GOP proposal on Nov. 15 , submitted.Which Times.. The United States and Great Britain in the this week, to reach agreement on a plan U.S. Pat stop which debts of the poorest countries in the world and expected to that their proposal is the Minister from the Group of Seven industrial countries on Friday us to present financial at the meeting in London, New York Times. According a nameless U.S. Official, U.S. Treasury John Snow and Great Britain is needing to promote Gordon Brown a proposal the Minister of Finance by the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the USA. The proposal would terminate. Estimated $ 16700000000 debts of 18 countries, mostly of Africa owe with international lenders such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and the ADB The deal would also enable the country to use an estimated $ 1 billion in in the annual interest payments to economic development and health , education and social Programme.

The report also says that half the 11 million annual deaths among children from five diseases. Pneumonia, diarrhea, malaria, measles and HIV / AIDS The second report of, releases whom the United Nations Development Programme offers a statistical analysis of underestimated indicate 28 million African children die in the next decade if the continent continues to trail to current developments. The G8 summit ‘offers a crucial opportunity in order prevent that of potential human development of cost determine this report on actually costs,’says the report , adding in that estimated to five, 1 million children of Africa dying in the year 2015 .