For a third ofional technique can Predict Drug Side Effectsearly detection of side effects of drugs tested tested in humans, is of vital importance in the development of new therapeutics, as unexpected effects for one-third of all drug failures during the development process read more . Now researchers at the University of California, San Diego , a novel technique using computer models side effects of drugs to identify possible side effects of drugs and used the technique to a class of drugs, tamoxifen, medication the most commonly prescribed in the study includes treatment of breast cancer. Their study is currently available online in PLoS Computational Biology.

There are 5 million people in the UK with asthma, costing the economy and the health service to approximately 8 billion per year? The condition kills more than 1,400 people a year and a further 69,000 are hospital hospital, in many cases for weeks. – Professor Britton comments: Xolair is a breakthrough, the most important advance in the treatment of asthma in a decade may prescribe We Xolair for severe allergic asthmatics are in are in and out of the hospital with significant deterioration Our experience with the drug shown. That it has a dramatic effect on the quality of life for this group of unfortunate patients.

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