ASCO Survivorship InitiativesIn December 2004, announced the formation of a new ASCO Survivorship Task Force to conduct number of initiatives of cancer survivors of cancer survivors. Such initiatives can the revision of the organization of oncology curriculum and improve ASCO educational programs to ensure that physicians are better prepared to address the unique needs of cancer survivors, the development clinical practice guidelines on long-term care and surveillance of cancer survivors and to support additional research on interventions to improve long-term care for survivors..

Dr. Showed Quite on the transition period at the end of cancer treatment as ‘. Teachable moment ‘for oncologists and , added: ‘cancer survivors are important ways search search of cancer of the the cancer, and improving the quality and length of their lives. Oncologists also confronted with an eye-opening experience, and have the possibility to define what care of cancer survivors should, and what each survivor can expect after completing of their first curative-intent therapy. ‘.Schuler Homes, Shahani R, Honey RJ, Pace KT Y Endourol. 2009 Mar, 23 :387-93 doi: 10.1089/end.0216by Medical Notepad Ralph V. FlamesClayman, disc WrittenUroToday – is the only Urologist site with a your original content by global urology wrote key opinion leader an active role in clinical practice. To view the latest urology news releases from UroToday accessing.

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