The Many Faces of Bleeding Disorders campaign is part of the continued efforts of the WFH minor injury. Care of people with congenital bleeding disorders worldwide.

– Autoimmune diseases and a holder a support to public health for the foreseeable future, said Virginia Ladd, executive director AARDA. While it is difficult to determine exact costs of all 100 – plus autoimmune diseases, it is clear of U.S. Chronic diseases is an important component of the U.S. Health care spending, totaling perhaps hundreds of billions of dollars in direct and indirect costs to individual patients, insurance companies and the federal government is. .. New report on economic burden of autoimmune diseases for National Autoimmune Diseases Awareness Month ReleasedA new report from the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association examining the economic impact of autoimmune disease on Americans, their families and the United States was released today at a congressional briefing as part of AARDA the 2011 National autoimmune Diseases Awareness Month activities.‘it is generally accepted that there consumed the great amount of an alcohol even, to cerebral injuries in alcoholic patients results,’said Dieter J. Meyerhoff, professor of radiology at University of California in San Francisco and San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and which Principal Investigator of study. ‘This partially correct. In earlier studies we are have demonstrated that an alcoholic, In our sample, smoking cigarettes who more brain trauma as Non smoking alcoholics. Study suggests study suggests that a higher BMI are linked independently of drinking and smoking, even by brain injury ‘.

.. , however, excessive alcohol consumption, Poor Brain Healthcare, ObesityAgainst research showed that alcohol abuse and addiction tend to be with higher rates of obesity, as shown by a high body mass index . Findings of to a new study to the relationship between BMI and local measures of structure of our brain, metabolite con , and cerebral perfusion indicate that alcohol – related brain damage can choose from a complex blend of hazardous drinking, chronic cigarette smoking and even leading higher BMI. – The results to be 2010 edition of 2010 issue out of AlcoholismAlzheimer: Clinical & Experimental Research and currently accounts for Early View.