But new drug-delivery research on nano-and microtechnology from Tel Aviv University is based could much needed relief and more effective treatment of cancer. Developing new drug delivery technology by Prof. Rimona Margalit of Tel Aviv University Department of Biochemistry and allow drugs to cancer cells, so that the surrounding healthy cells intact and reducing the painful side effects of chemotherapy -. The science utilizes tiny bubbles, visible only through powerful microscopes included the payloads of therapeutic drugs. – This development is on the leading edge of the new frontier of drug delivery and treatment of cancer, says Prof. Margalit. Bubble technology can also be used for other medical conditions, including diabetes, arthritis, wounds and infections.

The positive results are twofold:. More of the drug comes directly to the cancer cells, of the treatment and healthy cells continue to function normally, protected against the painful side effects of medications.Colonoscopy screening prices must are view more carefully controlled the authors wrote , so that the resources on those did not do so need it and can profit most be focused. The authors of add that the patient will benefit the best longevity, the best from the trial. – They concluded:.

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