In the last 12 months, reported 1, Drug participants said that they had abused drugs and 0.6 % reported that they were dependent on drugs, while 7.7 % reported that they developed drug abuse and 2 here .6 % of drug addiction in their lives. Rates of abuse and dependence tended to be higher among men, Native Americans, those aged 18 to 44, lower socioeconomic groups, people in the West and those who were not married. ‘With few exceptions, 12-month and lifetime drug abuse and dependence were positively and significantly to alcohol use disorders, nicotine dependence and mood, anxiety and personality disorders associated,’the authors write. ‘Associations of drug use disorders with other substance use disorders and antisocial personality disorder were reduced but remained strong when we controlled for psychiatric disorders. ‘This indicates that common both both substance abuse and other psychiatric disorders based. Drug abuse and dependence were also to mental, in their lifetime. Disability connected.

Individuals drugs drugs began with an average age of 19, whereas those with drug dependence developed the condition at an average age of 21, about 8.1 % of the respondents who use drugs , and 37.9 % who received dependent treatment have been abused in their lifetime. ‘The young people reveals occurrence of substance abuse and dependence critical windows of opportunity for prevention,’the authors write. – Show ‘The results of immediate action immediate action be , educate physicians, the public and policy makers about drug use disorders and their treatment and programs to develop the disorder stigmatize , making the personal suffering and negative effects on society of drug use disorders in the United States, ‘they conclude.

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