The ETV4 gene is a member of the same family as the other two genes reported, ETV1 and ERG, formerly. All three genes ETS, a group of about 30 genes that encode related transcription factors. Like other members of the family has a ETV4 role in normal cell division is abnormally active, or overly expressive, when fused with other genes on different chromosomes. Using the same technology as the earlier study, the scientists showed that the gene ETV4 become fused with other prostate cancer gene on another chromosome.

Scott Tomlins, an MD / PhD student in Dr. Chinnaiyan laboratory and lead author of the Science paper presents the study Tuesday at Experimental Biology 2006 in San Francisco. The presentation was part of the scientific program of the American Society for Investigative Pathology held at Experimental Biology, Tomlins is the winner of the 2006 ASIP Experimental Pathologist – in – Training Award.On average, most of adult need to 7-8 hours to feel monitored and refreshed nighttime sleep.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine offers the following tips in 1981edtime. A good nights sleep:episodes a consistent bedtime routine.Make a relaxing atmosphere bedtime.Missing one night of sleep each night.Avoid food or beverages containing caffeine, well as any medicine that has a stimulating, prior to to bedtime.