Currently, capsule endoscopy is used to find out why the patient is bleeding in her digestive system, without a clear cause. It can also be used GERD . A study showed Eight hours later that is effective in the diagnosis of gastrointestinal bleeding and small intestine Crohn’s disease in children. Another study showed, as is wireless capsule endoscopy Crohn’s disease untwisting diagnoses in patients whose disease has been discovered more than a decade.. Fetoscopy – investigation of the fetus.Laparoscopy – a small incision, in order to examine the abdominal cavity.Laryngoscopy – check the back of the throat, including the voice box and vocal cords.Proctoscopy – examination of the rectum and the end of the colon.Rhinoscopy – examination of the inside of the nose.Thoracoscopy – examination of the lungs or other structures in the chest cavity.

With fiber optics, it really has become possible for the doctor to see and record the interior of the patient’s body with a small and relatively painless device. Electricity and heat,ses today an endoscope can be fitted with surgical instruments , it can send impulses, or electricity and heat, to destroy small tumors or gallstones. Specialized endoscopes have their own names, such as:.. A laparoscope is a type of the endoscope for minimally invasive surgery for minimally invasive surgery or laparoscopic surgery. Laparoscopic surgery requires only a small incision and is commonly used today, appendectomy, hysterectomy and prostatectomy. Patients lose less blood during and after surgery and recover more quickly than other surgical procedures.That American Physiological Society was established in 1887 basic and applied basic and applied bioscience. The Bethesda, Maryland -based party did 10,500 members and publishes 14 peer-reviewed journals with virtually 4,000 articles annually. APS provides out of of research, educational and professional choices and programming to encourage the contributions the physiology to understanding the mechanisms of sick and healthy states. In 2004, GSP received the Presidential Award for Excellence into Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring..