Despite compelling clinical data available since 2001, but it is encouraging to see there has been an significant increase in the use of chemo-radiotherapy, as it was the standard of care, said Kristian Enestvedt, Principal Investigator, Department of Surgery, OHSU School of Medicine, OHSU Cancer Institute.. Gastric cancer may not show in a large study to profit chemotherapy and radiation prolong Life After SurgeryNew findings from Oregon Health & Science University Cancer Institute show significant number of patients nationwide who are getting the getting the recommended treatment after surgery Remove stomach cancer. We were surprised to learn that there are still many patients who receive receive the gold standard of chemotherapy and radiotherapy after surgery.

### – Other researchers involved include: Kevin Billingsley, head of surgical oncology, Hedinger associate Professor of Surgery, OHSU School of Medicine, OHSU Cancer Institute, Brian diggs, Senior Research Associate, surgery and Donald K. Shipley, Manager, Oregon State Cancer Registry.The alarms will be are rolled off 5 May 2009 and will initially be at the municipal level workers, possibly with patients and their families or fellow who have a history of of violence, drugs or alcohol Video and clinical Service, the risks to increase work has aligned will the solitary worker, and those which to work areas with a high crime rate and social disadvantage.

Workers,community. To their employees secure, they must make sure that all lone fighters vulnerable workers are access other devices rapidly for to assist her as she go about their work in the community. ‘.. Dr. Peter Carter, Chief Executive & General Secretary to the Royal College of Nursing , said:’Nurses and other healthcare professionals to working alone welcome you with a system of to keep them safe and Lone Worker devices are an important way to reduce risk. They have to planned well and supported addition to of a Lone Worker policies and forming for all who use to them. So they should can to increase protection for in a vulnerable position in a vulnerable position, as you a crucial task.