They conducted a randomized, controlled trial with 88 children. Of 1.8 to one of two groups:acupuncture group – 43 children. There were five treatments per week, the five needle insertion sites, also known as acupuncture points where targeted. Patching Group – 45 children. Her good eye was patched for two hours a day. They had near-vision activities with their lazy eye do it for one hour each day. Near vision activities include reading or typing. After a total of 15 weeks worth of treatment:.

The addition of patching of an eye – known as occlusion therapy – children can significantly improve response rates, as long as instructions to the doctors. Patching the eye brings with it emotional problems, and even the risk of reverse amblyopia.Maintain an extensive national network of distributors, among them MedEdge, Elite Medicine & Health and Aesthetic Technologies of Florida. In addition, Lutronic Inc. An impressive Services department experienced lasers engineers. The highest level of service and help clinicians in the U.S. Production of medical laser systems for the markets of European and Asian, parent Lutronic Co. Ltd is located inin Seoul, South Korea and supplies products over 40 countries.. Over LutronicLutronic has a world leader developers and manufacturers of medical laser system at the service of clinical dermatological and aesthetics Towns.

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