– Twenty-one % was due to lack of scanning that is required to recognize and respond to hazards. – Twenty-one per cent were due to driving too fast for road conditions – Twenty % was due to some distraction within or outside of the vehicle.

‘This research gets us one step closer to to understanding, why young people crash and what we can do to help prevent future accidents, ‘said Cindy Garretson, director of auto technology research at State Farm. ‘Strong graduated driver license laws, along with educational programs that are based on common teen driver errors focused will is roads safer roads safer for everyone. ‘.Be see Gifford lentiviral have detected in other locations they was able to never was seen, how Asian and New World monkeys. Insofar as we knowledge, nobody looked really in that hard, said Gifford. He is one the few researchers looking genome databases to retroviruses. In said process spread lentivirus – primate interaction may for for HIV / AIDS research. Primates infected with the simian version of of HIV of developing countries AIDS by several genes, coding for proteins of the immune system protect which slowly or block retroviral replication. Previous research beats these genes are created in response to millions the years of retrovirus infection.

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