Summarizes published A quick report from the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care the results of a search for literature on the validation of surrogate endpoints in breast and colorectal cancers. The results are ambiguous. On one side are operational scientific methods available to assess the validity of surrogate endpoints . ‘We propose to apply these methods in the early benefit assessment of drugs,’says Stefan Lange, In this context Deputy Director.

As of now, the odds are against Medicare coverage for this test. But there is still time for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services , check comments from interested parties and perhaps reconsider its recent preliminary ‘noncoverage ‘decision.Peregrine Pharmaceuticals disclaims, any obligations and does not intend to update or revise any forward-looking statements in this release.. Safe Harbor Statement: Statements to this press release. Non historical in nature are including statements relating to Peregrine Pharmaceuticals intentions, hopes, beliefs, expectations, representations of, projections, schedules and predictions of the future are forward-looking statements within the meaning in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act 1995. It is important to note not limited to actual results to materially from those into to such forward-looking. Explanations factors that may cause actual results include differ materially include, but are is not limited to, uncertainties relating to completion of the preclinical and clinical trial for our technology is severely restricted; to the early stage of product development of, to significant costs regarding our products, like develop all of our products currently are to development of, clinical studies and clinical trials, and obtaining additional financial to help our operations and the development of our products, obtaining regulatory approval in our technologies; expected timing of regulatory submissions and the potential success to to win approved and compliance with federal requirements for our business.

About Peregrine PharmaceuticalsPeregrine Pharmaceuticals It is a biopharmaceutical company with a portfolio of innovative products candidates in clinical trials for treating cancer and hepatitis C viral infection. The company pursues of five separate clinical trials to cancer and HCV infection in the U.S. And India with its lead product candidate candidates Bavituximab and Cotara . Important to note has (also in-house manufacturing capabilities by its wholly owned subsidiary Avid Bioservices provides development and provides development and bio – manufacturing services both for Peregrine and outside customers additional information about Peregrine please visit.