6 Drinking in moderation Holiday drink often makes people a good look at whether their habits are healthy, said Daliah Heller, assistant commissioner for Chemical Dependency. If you ever thought you should cut down, annoyed if someone asked you to stop feeling guilty about drinking, or need a wake-up ‘drink, you can have a problem. Cutting down or quitting is possible. Talk to your doctor, go to an AA meeting or call 311 and ask for Lifenet to get help. .

We are looking at the level of the entire genome, hammer added, something that was not possible until recently. For such a neurological disorder this could be the cause of a mutation in a particular gene, there could be a particular sequence was or it could be rearranged, or it could be a sequence which has been deleted or duplicated be changing the number of gene copies. Turned out to have all the variations in the number of copies of of certain genes, but they are not necessarily bad, he said. But sometimes that variation can cause disease .At that stage of research joint efforts the international research groups are essential to unravel the complex genetics of epilepsy.. Following this important findings, we are reach deeper insight into the molecular mechanisms in the a broad range of neuropsychiatric , especially epilepsy, which failure fault the most prevalent of the15q13.3 deletion previously observed involved. Of course, the final objective will be to transfer this knowledge into new treatment strategies. At this point, we be still at the beginning the molecular genetic exploration of epilepsy.