Notes – Reference McCowan L, Roberts C, Dekker G, Taylor R, Kenny L, Baker P. Moss – Morris R, L Chappell, North R. Risk factors for small-for – gestational age infants by customized birthweight centiles: data from an international prospective cohort study BJOG 2010; DOI:.1471-0528.

That a high intake of green leafy vegetables were consumed found a 50 percent reduction in SGA babies. these consuming small amounts of fruit had a 50 percent increase in the SGA babies. Researchers believe Likewise, found in fruits and vegetables admit the pregnant mother and the developing fetus, but that women may consume high amounts of these foods also lead to a healthier lifestyle in general. Likewise, had the with a high intake of fatty fish a 60 percent reduction in SGA babies.Baton Rouge – The Department of Health and Hospitals wish to remind the citizens of it, although the outbreaks of infectious diseases can be be a daunting prospect, after with national Centers of Disease Disease Control and Prevention, large area eruptions of infectious diseases according hurricanes are not distributed in the United States. Breakouts on rare and deadly illnesses does not suddenly occur according cyclones and floods in territories that no of natural nature such diseases.