The estimate has been based on a model at the Urban Institute and a review of studies on the cost and the effectiveness of prevention programs at the New at the New York Academy of Medicine.

By by $ 10 per year per person would be the United States more than $ 16 billion annually within five years, the economists said, invests for a return of $ 5.60 on every $ 1. Their survey revealed that effective prevention programs cost less than $ 10 per person could reduce rates of type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure by 5 % heart disease to reduce within two years, kidney disease and stroke by 5 % within five years, and reduce some forms of cancer, arthritis and lung disease by 2.5 % in the 10 to 20 years.Add the Unites States alone, 44.4 million offer welfare for anyone 18 years or above. According to the National Carers Association, over a quarter provide for provide a chronically ill, disabled or an old family member provided.

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