Then goes on Cancer die than on the streets, UKThe majority of occupational cancers deaths are preventable British claims to a new report published today in the journal Occupational Medicine. 7000 people in the UK from work associated with cancer deaths each year – far more than the 3,000 people who lost their lives in road traffic accidents or the 240 as a result as a result of accidents at work. Many of these lives could by sensitizing agents at work, cancer potential potential exposure to these exposure to these harmful chemicals can be saved .

3 Occupational Health Doctors: – help prevent work-related health problems – advice at fitness for work – on appropriate adaptations guidance in the workplace, help people to stay in work – provision of rehabilitation helping people back to work, and – Identify and discuss what man can do,at autopsy. Mental illness through gene-environment interactionsBiological Psychiatry , published by Elsevier, is very pleased to a specific section of the 1st February issue fundamental new insights into epigenetics, a field of research devoted the understanding of how the understanding of how the environment can produce long-lasting or even heritable changes in gene function without altering the DNA sequence.


For the study, researchers used data from more than 17,000 participants in the Nurses’ Health Study, one of the major and longest running studies from factors affecting the women’s health.

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