Surgical removal. SurgeryIt is possible that broken must in the near future be fixed with metallic glass. Materials researchers at ETH Zurich have that could that could usher in a new generation of biodegradable bone implants. In in the online edition of Nature Materials.

Around the magnesium implants gas bubbles develop which prevent bone growth the healing process and the healing process and possibly an infection.. If break bones must surgeon screws and metal plates in order to fix the broken bones. These supports are from stainless steel or from stainless steel or titanium. Once the bone is healed, the metal from the body through from the body through another operation. Order to reduce the burden for the patient, researchers have taken the materials object of the production of implants from bioabsorbable metals. These implants need to stabilize the bones only The metal they need to heal. The metal dissolves in the body over time, thereby unnecessary surgical removal. Implants made of magnesium alloys prove particularly promising.– In 1996, biotech traits who 83.5 million tons and 130 metric tons set, included global production of soybeans and corn. The technology has also contributed to an additional 10.5 million tons of cotton lint and 5.5 million tonnes of colza.