Cagri A. Savran and colleagues explain that serum biomarkers can reveal critical information on the development and progression of many diseases . Several roadblocks hinder clinical use of existing biomarker assays, the smaller sensors, faster acquisition times and cheaper way of analyzing samples require blood or other body .

New Jersey: In his January 8 speech, Governor Jon Corzine new Jersey has progress access to affordable health care for every child in the state. However, he said, growing debt is repress our ability to meet the needs of citizens , adding that the audience is already visible New York, the state mental health institutions and hospitals. Corzine Corzine, in 2008, all non – recurring revenues or built-up surpluses will be used exclusively to pay down debt, make investments, or pay unfunded health or pension liabilities. He said the government sees $ 60 billion unfunded health care costs for retirees (Corzine speech text.

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