A former U.S upp till 3-5 gånger . Ambassadortion President Encourages businesses efforts to HIV / AIDS, to combat other diseases increaseHIV / AIDS PSA campaign in U.S. Ahead of National HIV Testing Day Premiere In related news, the NBA, and the Emperor Family Foundation on Wednesday announced an HIV / AIDS public service announcement campaign , they developed that aims to raise awareness about the importance of HIV testing. The PSAs to air in the U.S. During the game five of the National Basketball Association Finals 2007 on ABC from the National HIV Testing Day, of of the June planned is planned.

The campaign has enlisted actors Jamie Foxx and Queen Latifah, about HIV testing about HIV testing by directing viewers testing411.org – a Web site that provides information about HIV and testing options the website also offers information from CDC about local HIV testing organized by zipcode. Last falle PSA will be shown in the arenas in NBA games during the regular season 2007-2008. MTV and BET have committed to the PSAs in the U.S. Air as part of their public education partnerships. ThinkHIV and Rap-It-Up The Global Media AIDS Initiative PSAs PSAs to more than 100 of its members in 60 countries, and the African Broadcast Media Partnership Against HIV / AIDS and the Caribbean Broadcast Media Partnership on HIV / AIDS have undertaken to PSAs PSAs their member companies. – ‘With Jamie Foxx, Queen Latifah and NBA players talking about HIV testing helps test as a routine part of care, present as recommended by the CDC,’Drew Altman, president and CEO of the Kaiser Family Foundation, in the United States adding: ‘HIV testing provides the opportunity to get counseling about risks and early knowledge of HIV status helps link people to care. ‘ NBA Senior Vice President Kathy Behrens said, ‘By working with organizations such as the GBC, the NBA, our teams and players on our commitment to build awareness about HIV / AIDS increase, here at home and around the the world. ‘Plepler Plepler, co-president of HBO, said: ‘HBO has a long history of using our network at the service of the lighting and raising the issue of AIDS in our culture. ‘Holbrooke said that ‘HIV is on the rise in the U.S. In the world in the world ‘, added: ‘You know your status is to bring important infection rates down and better access to lifesaving drugs ‘(NBA / HBO / GBC / Kaiser Family Foundation joint publication.


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Years porcelain and Swedish Karolinska DepartmentIn to its global missionary the advancement of science, to fine porcelain Institute for Medical Research is announced that it has signed a memorandum with the renowned Karolinska Institutet in Sweden. Which agreement paves the way on Karolinska graduates postdoctoral scientists on New York and porcelain stoneware Feinstein on at the the Karolinska in Stockholm laboratories. ‘It the Karolinska Institutet is ever in search of excellent training surroundings for its graduates,’said Kevin J. Principal and Chief Executive to the porcelain stoneware. ‘We also want to our student to that Elmezzi Graduate School of Molecular Medicine, a demanding Opportunities well as postdoc have. There could does not fit better. ‘ Under the agreement both institutions’ joint programs established training and research education and research institution of the individual students and postdocs. ‘Co implies that as much as half a dozen of scientist may be able to T – and that Feinstein scientists the same number of an equal number of the Karolinska postdoctoral. You will still be use for a seat the laboratory – in New York or overseas, and a shared selection committee from both institutes check the applications and the choice. – ‘Our mission is on translational research, and we offer the progressive basic and clinical research training environment,’added Dr. An immunologist who study with the the Karolinska Mr Andersson, head of infectious disease composed, cytokine and inflammation. Andersson was the first guest lecturer for The Stoneware Institute of Marsh talk in 2005. Its research includes the study to the potential role out of regulatory T cells at HIV / AIDS. He has been found to HIV infection is assigned to with an increase of regulatory T cells that install negatively on to ability to provide a fully operational CD8+ T – cell response against of infection. Such regulatory T cells could result in damage a target for future treatments to reconstitute of the immune by HIV infection. At the Karolinska Institute at the the Karolinska and The fine porcelain doctors are to on to receive a doctoral degree in research. ‘The faculty guide always on the lookout the best and most brightest postdoctoral,’said Dr. ‘These students are the heart of the lab. ‘.