UCLAow-up to for DiGeorge syndrome by Reunion With Patient InspiredMore than 20 years ago, conducted medical Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA, a successful bone marrow transplant on a young girl who was born without a thymus gland and suffered severe immune deficiency. It was the first time a bone marrow transplant, a thymus a thymus transplant were to treat the genetic condition DiGeorge Syndrome known.

TroVax is currently sponsored in five phase II trials, including one investigator initiated study by Cancer Research UK. More than 85 patients were treated with TroVax was treated in five clinical trials in colorectal cancer and renal cell carcinoma. Clinical results have shown that the product is safe and stimulates an anti-tumor immune response against 5T4 in the majority of patients. Data from the Phase I / II study and the ongoing Phase II studies suggest associated with side effects of the immune response induced by TroVax with clinical benefit including tumor responses and the time of disease progression, both of which have exceeded expectation based on published historical data correlated. A first phase III study in renal cell carcinoma is planned to start in 2006.In 2005 Boehringer Ingelheim will own educate patients about new Atrovent HFA due to Health Services, placebo-and active dose inhalers. Phasing out the Atrovent metered dose inhalers.