Necessary changes in health care is delivered best when performed by doctors in partnership with the public. .. Without evidence, there is a real danger that based decisions on reconfiguration on what place for politicians and NHS accountants what in the best interests of the patient. The patients are also concerned about the plans to improve the services at their local hospital at a time when many NHS trusts are forced to modify sections It is absolutely true that our public debate on the way healthcare are. Delivered in the future and it is important that patients and doctors are properly informed and engaged in these discussions.

###For further information please go to: British Medical Association Source:BMA News,Pharmaceutical Partnership to Improve Patient Care Eyehas joined Aston University to deliver a large British pharmaceutical company in improved care of patients with eye diseases, allergies and other conditions.Aston School of Life and Health Sciences is working with Spectrum Th one offer better health support and advice to patients? Aston has a strong tradition of research in the field of ophthalmology care. Researchers will. Providing members of the pharmaceutical team with expert clinical knowledge and support with regard to a number of eye diseases , including blepharitis, an inflammation of the eyelids, and dry eyes.Alison be honored for illuminating an alternative ways of thinking about policy-making with particular relevance to crisis, including the nuclear crisis, such as demonstrated in his groundbreaking ESSENCE OF THE DECISION and subsequent works. The distinction of by the gift of by William and Katherine in Estes, founded comes with an $ 20 A recognize fundamental research in all sectors cognitive or behavioral science rigorous rigorous formal and empirical methods to support our understanding of the issues related to to the risk of nuclear war.. The receivers in 2009 be:Graham Allison, Douglas Dillon Professor of Government and Director of the Belfers Center for Science and in International Affairs from Harvard John F Kennedy Kennedy School of Government, has the recipient of NAS AWARD for Behavioural Physiology RESEARCH regarding prevention Nuclear.

Neil Gehrels is of the receiver the Henry Draper Medal of. Gehrels, head of the Astroparticle Laboratory of NASA / Goddard Space Flight Center on for its pioneering contributions gamma-ray astronomy. His guidance of Compton Gamma Ray Observatory and which Swift missions insights into insights into the extremes physics which active galactic nuclei and gamma ray bursts. To Henry Draper medals and a cash prize of $ 15,000 for an original study at astronomical physics awarded.