8164 patients with stroke or TIA or receive placebo in addition to to standard care.

This novel technique allows the surgeon to make the edges of the tumor they visible so that it completely out of the brain. Patients take the drug by mouth before surgery and then during their operation, Dr. Sloan used to detect the blue light and to remove tumor cells, a process called fluorescent resection .

Rek is now one of the volunteers in the research study.To normal tissues compared metabolize high grade gliomas 5-ALA similar to a fluorescent compound called protoporphyrin IX, found found of chlorophyll in plants. Tumors this compound and this connection and fluoresce with the blue light. With a specially modified surgical microscope that contains blue light allows the glowing Dr. Tumor tissue to see and help guide excision of the tumor. we get 95 to 99 % the tumor, we can almost virtually double the patient the survival, says Dr..You found that the obese participants had the the brain tissue in the areas of the brain to plan and memory , attention and executive capabilities , long-term memory and the movement .

This National Institute on Aging, W. Thompson the study. Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering, that National Center for Research Resources and American Heart Association pay for the study.