Yeung’s single molecule spectroscopy technique involves creating chemical reagents that recognize and fluorescently highlight the genetic sequence of of the human papillomavirus. Sample through a laser beam that illuminates the tags. Cameras capture the images for computer analysis.

The research team tested the technique using samples from normal Pap smears. Some of these samples with the virus to ensure that the offset recorded tests known amounts of the virus.While this test focused on the detection of human papillomavirus, Yeung said it should recognize HIV, avian flu and other viruses as well.This means that more than 70,000 European dying of chronic liver disease annual. Even greater concern is the fact NCD not cover any do not cover all illnesses of the liver in one level, example alcohol abuse mortality and liver cancer treated separately. Therefore, the actual rate of fatalities has due to liver diseases can sure to much higher than that Wettpoint guess.. Liver disease is estimated to 6 percent the EU population affect and reports that the EU be the 5th greatest killer, to the at least one into six deaths. In 2004, the mortality rate of chronic liver disease was estimated at 14.3 per 100,000 in EU-25.

That burden for death and disability attributed NCDs rising everywhere due to changing patterns in which way in which we live and work. The biggest increase are at lower and middle incomes, a contribution to the of poverty and a great hindrance to development and achieving the Millennium Development Goals . That World Economic Forum’s 2010 Global Risks Report identify NCDs second most common serious threat to the global economic and is a global risk equal to charges the current global crisis.. NCDs now the leading annual each year, 36 million death worldwide what in 2008 and a share of 63 % of all deaths. NCD and account for half of all global disability, including blindness and amputations, impressive heavy cost of families, health system, companies and economies.