::. This study demonstrates the extremely high prevalence of two zoonotic pathogens in feral pigeons in Madrid the same time, infection with these pathogens are apparently not associated with any adverse clinical signs in the birds themselves This leads to the hypothesis that pigeons asymptomatic than reservoirs of Chlamydophila psittaci and Campylobacter jejuni act. These birds may therefore pose a risk to public health .. Carried by carried by pigeons more diarrhea than SalmonellaSampling of pigeons captured on the streets of Madrid has revealed the bacterial pathogens they carry. The researchers, writing in the open access journal Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica BioMed Central found two errors, in in the world of birds, Chlamydophila psittaci and Campylobacter jejuni, both of which cause disease in humans.

Chlamydophila psittaci was at 52, 6 percent of the pigeons captured found while Campylobacter was in 69 of were some reports of of disease transmission between pigeons and humans, it can by aerosols, direct contact or indirect contact through food and water contamination may occur. By Esper? ‘ ‘Campylobacter species are considered the primary pathogens responsible for acute diarrhea in the world. Indeed, in many countries such as England and Wales, Australia and New Zealand, Campylobacter jejuni infection causes more cases of acute diarrhea than infection by Salmonella.’. ###.Please click here for the current contents.The stem cell ‘aim was developing in the new heart muscle and reduce the amount the scar formation whereby heart function. Add to a recent article to Human Gene Therapy, Penn and Laurita genetically modify skeletal muscles stem cells in order SDF-1 for up to 21 days after the implantation to express. Echocardiogram was used 50 percent of quantify changes in cardiac function and optical mapping has been to determine determine the arrhythmogenic risk. Eight weeks after cellular therapy, investigators observes a 70 percent increase vessel frequency the heart of SDF-1 – treated animals, comparison that Pets Received only be to the skeletal muscle cells. Visual mapping has shown that all animals that had these cells increased cardiac arrhythmia, as only 50 percent of the control animals have had this problem..