However, the study concludes that policy makers have special care when assessing the impact of government cuts in the coming years, as the organizations that most strongly need public funds public funds currently, those who work with the most most disadvantaged people most deprived most disadvantaged.

But it is not only a regional distortions in the public financing, it is also unevenly distributed across the industry. Previous research in view of total amounts of public funding, it was held in a small number of large organizations are concentrated. In fact, the larger the organization, the greater the likelihood that the state support. Two thirds of companies with revenues obtained by over 5 million euros of public funds Conversely, organizations that draw their income under? 000 a year to to public funding. ‘The picture is complex,’admits Professor Mohan. ‘And there is no simple answer to the question of how public spending cuts are affecting individual welfare associations or municipalities.Furthermore, strong brand more with less with less effort at which part of the brain. Weak marks showed an increased activation in regions the working memory and negative emotional reaction. Born believes that the research may be used as benchmark the understanding of the the understanding of the process from trademark-related information.. The results showed radiation oncologists, brands activated a network of cortical regions and involved into positive emotional workmanship and with self – identification and reward.