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We also have an majority ownership in IBC Pharmaceuticals, the developing a novel the Dock and Schloss method and a new method of delivering resonance imaging and therapeutic agents selectively disease, especially variety solid cancers (colorectal, lung, pancreas , followed by proprietary, antibody-based, pretargeting methods Visit our Web site at.. About Immunomedics withImmunomedics a company established in New Jersey biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of monoclonal, antibody-based products for the targeted the treatment of cancer, autoimmune disease and other major diseases. A series of advanced proprietary technologies which to us designed humanized antibodies either alone either alone in unlabelled or naked form, or conjugated involving radioactive isotopes creating, chemotherapeutics or toxins, in any for to creating very specific alert With these technologies, we a pipeline of therapeutic product candidates that designed use several different mechanisms of action.