Am I normal? New research on male organ size has answers The right news, guys: A new analysis of penis sizes will help reassure most of you you are normal, researchers say. Many males get worried about their male organ size, even when there is no cause for concern prescription drugs side effects . But as yet, there’s been no formal overview of research into penis size and no attempt to create a system to show the number of sizes of flaccid or erect penises, the researchers stated. The British investigators reviewed 17 published studies that included a lot more than 15,500 guys whose penises had been measured by medical researchers using a standard procedure.

Alzheimer’s disease neuroimaging initiative announces completion of genome-wide analysis Researchers announced today a high-density genome wide analysis of individuals in the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative with pharmaceutical and related industries and not-for-profit organizations providing support through the Foundation for the National Institutes of Wellness . One of the largest scale neuroimaging tasks ever undertaken, ADNI requires longitudinal magnetic resonance imaging and positron emission tomography human brain imaging and bloodstream, urine and spinal fluid biomarker studies of more than 800 individuals, half of whom possess slight cognitive impairment, a condition placing them at risky for developing Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia.