American Red Cross releases Haiti relief and recovery report The Generosity of Americans Made a Real Difference in Lives of Haitians Following 2010 Earthquake The American Red Cross released a one-year report on how the Red Cross has helped thousands of Haitian survivors following the January 2010 earthquake, what has been done to respond to new issues such as the cholera outbreak, and plans for the years forward to support Haiti’s recovery. Thanks to the generous contributions of therefore many donors, people in Haiti are receiving immediate resources and relief, as well as the necessary teaching and support to help them recover and rebuild, stated Gail McGovern, president and CEO of the American Red Cross.

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Americans’ Salt Intake Requirements Cut, Panel Says An advisory panel is encouraging the federal government to recommend that Americans reduce their salt intake – despite the fact that they acknowledge that it will not be easy. The panel, appointed by the Health and Agriculture and Human being Services Departments, makes dietary suggestions every five years that serve as the foundation for the government’s popular meals pyramid and for a variety of federal nutrition applications, including school lunches. This year’s preliminary suggestions, which will be reviewed by the agencies and open to the general public for comment, claim that daily sodium consumption should be decreased from 2,300 mg to 1 1,500 mg each day.