In other words, merely being present is currently regarded as a disturbance of the peace, and a violation worth losing one’s First Amendment rights Regardless of whether or not you agree with these reporters having been at a healthcare facility where the young woman was taken after her murder is definitely irrelevant. The full total disregard by the Chicago officer involved for these individuals’ First Amendment rights is the issue here, and it is one that is apparently sweeping the nation’s police departments. Police officers in Philadelphia, for example, lately arrested a photojournalism student for taking photos of a visitors stop near his home.Since that time, a sizeable literature on children’s false recollections has accumulated and until lately, the picture that got emerged was quite constant: false memories of occasions were found to decrease with age group throughout childhood and adolescence. Quite simply, as we grow into adulthood, our memory precision improves. However, psychologists Charles Brainerd and Valerie Reyna of Cornell University think that the partnership between age and storage accuracy might not be so simple. Drawing upon fuzzy-trace theory , the popular psychological theory that humans encode info on a continuum from verbatim to ‘fuzzy’ traces that convey an over-all meaning , Brainerd and Reyna predicted that false memories may increase with age group under certain conditions actually.