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As flap continues over pro-Obama PAC’s ad, Romney aide praises Mass. Health law The ad, which highlights the death of a steelworker’s wife after Bain closed his plant, triggered criticism from Republicans. But a Romney aide’s comments about how exactly that family would have benefited from the Massachusetts wellness reforms signed into rules by then-Gov. Mitt Romney had not been well received in conservative circles. Soptic said he thought the advertisement was fair. But he also stated of Mr. Romney: ‘I’m not really blaming him for her loss of life. I wouldn’t do this.’ Mr. Soptic said that his wife was receiving health insurance through her employer at the time he lost his work at GST Steel, though she later suffered an injury, left her job and lost her insurance coverage . The advertisement launched Tuesday by Priorities USA Actions features former GST Steel employee Joe Soptic describing his wife’s swift loss of life from cancers after he lost his job and medical health insurance when the metal plant -; possessed by Bain Capital, the private equity company Romney founded -; proceeded to go bankrupt in 2001.