Anthem Blue Cross exposes 24,500 doctors’ social security, tax numbers Data breaches in Vermont and in Oregon's medical health insurance exchanges make news nolvadex and breast cancer click here . Anthem, a unit of insurance giant WellPoint Inc., said the personal information was mistakenly incorporated with its online service provider directory for about a day late last month. The state's largest for-profit wellness insurer said once the error was identified by it, it removed the information from its website.

Another heart attack at the Heart Attack Grill? Another patron of the CORONARY ATTACK Grill has reportedly fallen ill throughout a meal at the hospital-themed NEVADA restaurant. CBS affiliate KLAS-TV NEVADA reports that a female is recovering after collapsing unconscious and suffering a possible coronary attack at the cafe that serves up fatty fare. Man suffers heart attack in mind Attack Grill in NEVADA: Report CORONARY ATTACK Grill coronary attack: What does restaurant owner need to say? PICTURES: 9 surprising heart attack risks Restaurant owner Dr. Jon Basso told KLAS-TV the girl was doing everything culture tells you never to do Saturday night time at the restaurant, including eating high-calorie foods, alcohol consumption and smoking.