Engeseth stated that many consumers prefer products with natural ingredients and that salad dressings made out of honey should appeal to these consumers. There’s such an array of salad dressings on the market–some exclusive salad dressings along with inexpensive products that perform beautifully. If manufacturers want in developing salad dressings which have a wholesome twist, we’ve demonstrated that using honey as both an antioxidant and a sweetener is definitely one way to do this, she said..An outbreak in 2003 of the H7N7 bird flu virus in holland led to the destruction of more than 30 million birds, and 2.7 million were destroyed in Belgium, and around 400,000 in Germany. In holland, 89 people were contaminated with the H7N7 virus, among whom one died. The H5N1 virus first transferred across to humans in Hong Kong in 1997, when 18 individuals were infected and six died. The culling by the government of the territory’s entire poultry flock, ended that outbreak. Experts state the symptoms in humans can range from typical influenza-like symptoms, such as fever, cough, sore throat and muscle mass aches, to vision inflammations , pneumonia, severe respiratory distress, viral pneumonia and various other life-threatening and serious complications. However it is worth remembering that despite it’s pass on around the globe the H5N1 virus remains a disease of primarily birds and is contracted by contact with some aspect of infected birds and poultry.