However, increased amounts could be released into the bloodstream when the pancreas is certainly injured, inflamed, or blocked. Why It’s Done An amylase test could be ordered if a health care provider suspects a pancreatic issue, including pancreatitis , gallstones, or a blockage of the duct that bears amylase and various other substances from the pancreas to the tiny intestine. Symptoms of a pancreatic disorder can include abdominal pain, fever, lack of appetite, or nausea. The amylase test also enable you to help monitor patients with cystic fibrosis , a genetic condition where thick mucus blocks passages in the lung area and digestive tract, causing repeated lung infections and issues with absorbing nutrients.The intensification of medical tourism in our nation has given huge opportunity to the needy by giving them with the out of course treatment at reasonable cost. It offers reinforced our country’s healthcare system not merely to the foreigners but also to our countrymen who in any case need respite from their medical woos. However, for most below middle income group people in India still, surgeries and other treatment in good hospitals at affordable cost is a distant wish. Lack of good hospitals and quality medical services are a number of the deterrents for the visitors to get great treatment. There are many types of surgeries which are well being carried out in the hospitals currently are heart, Bariatric, Rectal and Colon, Endocrine, Gynecological, Neck and Head, Hernia, Neuro, Orthopedic, Ophthalmological, Pediatric, Plastic, Robotonic, Trauma, Urology surgery etc to name a few.