Berkeley Lab researchers attempt to help develop world’s first total-body PET scanner Scientists from the Section of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have attempt to help build the globe's initial total-body positron emission tomography scanner, a medical imaging gadget that could change the true way cancers and various other illnesses are diagnosed and treated read more . The task can be a consortium led by a UC Davis analysis team and includes researchers from Berkeley Laboratory and the University of Pennsylvania. It's supported by a announced five-year recently, $15.5 million Transformative Analysis Award from the National Institutes of Health.

Berkeley, California, to require cellphone health warnings BERKELEY, Calif. – – The town council of Berkeley, California, voted Tuesday evening to move a cellphone to know regulation requiring wellness warnings with the buy of a cellphone. The proposal was accepted by a vote of 9-0, CBS SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA reports. When it switches into effect this summer it’ll be first basic safety ordinance of its kind in the united states. Cellphone retailers will be asked to add a city-prepared notice combined with the buy of a cellphone, informing customers of the minimal separation range a cellphone ought to be kept from the physical body system.