This gives doctors and patients with faster and clean image results and the ability to post process the image. Post digesting of the image enables the operator to control the pixel shades to correct image density and zoom in to the problem areas of the images and also perform other procession features that could result in improved diagnosis and fewer repeated examinations. A way of medical picture quantification data comprising up of, * Obtaining spatial transform info representing a correspondence between pointes in a first non-transformed image and corresponding factors in another non-transformed image. * Shop the spatial transform details in a computer memory space.Ninety % of breast tumors are insulin-receptor over-express and positive the insulin-like growth factor. The prevalence of type 2 diabetes, often associated with obesity, reflects an underlying insulin resistance in the Mexican people generally. Among urban Mexicans, nearly one-third of ladies between the age groups of 12 and 49 are overweight. However when the research team took into consideration body mass index and additional such potentially confounding elements as socioeconomic status, age at first birth, number of kids, and family history of breast tumor, the relationship between carbohydrate consumption and breast tumor remained the same.