.. Blue Cross, Blue Shield workers shed 2.80 percent of their total weight since Memorial Day Three months and a lot more than 37,000 pounds later, THE LARGEST Loser Summer Challenge includes a winner: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota and its own employees, who lost a lot more than 3,780 pounds or 2.80 % of their total weight in pounds per employee since Memorial Day. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota also accumulated the best average minutes of workout. UnitedHealth Group won another competition for participating in healthy nutrition methods. A lot more than 10,000 workers participated in the task, exercising more often than 16.5 million minutes – the same as walking around the planet earth 33 times.But UF researchers bypassed this immune response by performing gene therapy on mice within 24 hours of their birth, when their immune systems had been still naive and would acknowledge the protein. This type of strategy cannot be used in human babies yet because doctors haven’t any method of gauging how severe hemophilia is in newborns. Patients with mild disease could have fewer problems and the benefits of gene therapy might not outweigh risks to the infant, Fletcher said. Ponder stated she thinks the technique also may prove to share some of the same complications as viral-based gene therapy, activating cells that cause cancer potentially.