TissuGlu adheres the tissue flaps created through the procedure to reduce fluid accumulation, and, eventually, the duration of use of the medical drains.. Cohera Medical reviews top-line results from Tissuglu clinical trial Cohera Medical, Inc. The potential, open-label, randomized research involving 40 individuals at three sites in Germany met its main endpoints of safety and preliminary effectiveness related to time to drain removal and secondary endpoints of linked wound healing complications, cumulative wound drainage, quantity of additional techniques and visits, and improved quality of life. In the trial, investigators compared regular wound closure techniques used in abdominoplasty surgeries, or tummy tuck, to regular wound closure techniques plus the application of TissuGlu.Skipping the use of sulfates shows the original interest of Keranique’s makers in providing ladies with serious locks solutions. With the absence of sulfates in the hair formula, you can observe scalp flakiness and itchiness to disappear. You can even expect your hair to stop looking like straws. The roughness and dryness received’t pester you anymore. On the contrary, your hair will remain well moisturized and appear classy. The conditioner from Keranique is also formulated marvelously. It is light in pounds and a good choice for thin just, fine hair. As you subject matter your hair to such great formulations, they will begin to react to your commands and be receptive to various hair styles.