Of those students, 49 had their fitness body and level composition tested. The researchers' outcomes showed that learners who spent large amounts of time on their cell phones – as much as 14 hours per day – were less fit than those that averaged a bit more than 90 a few minutes of cellular phone use daily. One subject stated in the interview data: ‘Now that I’ve switched to the iPhone I’d say it will be decreases my exercise because before I simply had a Blackberry, so I didn't have much stuff onto it. But now, if I'm bored, I could just download whatever I want.’ The study is believed to the first to assess the relationship between cellular phone use and level of fitness among any human population. Barkley and Lepp conclude that their findings suggest that cell phone use might be able to gauge a person's risk for a variety of health issues linked to an inactive lifestyle..BioLight announced a strategic partnership contract with Rock-A single International Holdings Ltd recently. The contract shall help BioLight increase its existence in the Chinese marketplace, the next largest healthcare marketplace in the world following the U.S. About BioLight BioLight Lifestyle Sciences Investments invests in, manages and commercializes biomedical improvements grouped around defined medical ailments – cancers and ophthalmology diagnostics. The cancers diagnostic activities include lab tests that are specified for bladder, cervical, multiple myeloma and various other cancers.