Clinical Data commences patient enrollment in Stedivaze Phase III trial Clinical Data, Inc. The study will evaluate the protection and efficacy of Stedivaze for make use of as a pharmacologic stress agent in myocardial perfusion imaging , a way for detecting defects in the blood circulation to the heart. The Stage III trial will compare the tolerability of Stedivaze to adenosine also, a typical pharmacologic stress agent found in MPI scans. Reed, M.D., Executive Vice Chief and President Medical Officer of Clinical Data.Nevertheless; the specific ramifications of nicotine on stem cells and the musculoskeletal system are. Stem cells are generic cells that can give rise to specific cell types in the physical body, through a process called cell differentiation. These cells play an essential role in tissue healing and regeneration. Any changes with their natural function can alter these processes significantly. ‘It has been widely documented that smokers, in comparison to nonsmokers, experience prolonged delays in bone curing, after a bone fracture,’ Cheung said. ‘There are many theories as to why.