Pfizer had supplied data from 1,600 sufferers only but trials included 4,600. Right now the institute accuses the producers of publishing only positive results for the drug. Robert Steinbrook from Dartmouth and Yale and Jerome Kassirer from Tufts University institutions of medicine in america in another commentary state that there have been recent controversies of related nature related to medications like Avandia for diabetes and the painkiller Vioxx that acquired basic safety problems. Unfortunately, they can not be relied to consistently offer dispassionate evaluations of their own drugs and medical devices.Anacor’s AN3365 novel systemic antibiotic achieves proof of concept Anacor Pharmaceuticals today announced a Joint Research Committee, composed of both GlaxoSmithKline and Anacor workers, has determined that AN3365, a novel systemic antibiotic produced from Anacor’s boron chemistry system, has achieved proof concept as defined beneath the collaboration contract between GSK and Anacor. In a Phase 1 clinical trial, AN3365 was shown to be secure and well tolerated. Under the agreement, GSK has 90 days to review the data and decide whether to workout its substitute for license the substance.