Also in global wellness news: RUTF; global hunger; preventing natural disasters; El Salvador floods IRIN Examines Plumpy’Nut’s Role In RUTF Marketplace IRIN examines what sort of new ready-to-use therapeutic food from Tabatchnick Fine Foods could problem the 12-season dominance of Plumpy’nut.S . – where in fact the Plumpy’nut patent is usually registered – to treat malnutrition in children and improve women’s immune systems. This article looks at how patents could are likely involved in the distribution of the RUTFs and also looks at the expense of exporting Plumpy’nut from France . Reuters Examines Efforts To Create Second Green Revolution Reuters explores a loose coalition of interests which includes seed organization Monsanto and additional businesses, foundations, scientists and others who wish to create a second Green Revolution to address global food cravings.

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