Getting together with the Accreditation Association’s high standards demonstrates its commitment to technology, clinical infrastructure, account management, and human being capital in practicing safe, regular, and measurable healthcare. CHS has also adopted AAAHC’s 7-stage Quality Improvement procedure, coupled with extensive management and staff training in Six Sigma tools. ‘Having a third-party survey that recognizes the outstanding quality of treatment we provide to your patients is extraordinary and speaks to numerous recent innovations by our clinic staff,’ stated CHS Vice President of Functions, Beth Ratliff. ‘We’ll continue steadily to build on these advances and now have a project preparing tool the will enable us to expedite getting all of our fresh clinic sites into AAAHC compliance within a few months of opening the doors,’ adds Ratliff..Higher exposure to state-sponsored, personal , and pharmaceutical advertisements was associated with much less smoking. Higher exposure to tobacco sector advertisements was connected with even more smoking. On the surface, the tobacco-industry advertisements were anti-smoking and a little corporate promotion mostly, but they weren’t marketing the act of smoking cigarettes, Emery said. But the effect of the advertisements is they are associated with even more smoking. An unexpected finding of the study was that adults who were in areas with more advertisements for pharmaceutical cessation products were less inclined to make an attempt to quit.