BioSpecifics Technologies total income for second one fourth decreases by 19 percent BioSpecifics Technology Corp.S read more . ‘This is a momentous one fourth of milestones for XIAFLEX both commercially and clinically. We saw significant development in revenues from XIAFLEX U.S. Sales, especially in Peyronie's disease. We are particularly very happy to see the true quantity of vials shipped in the next quarter of 2014; 565 in April, in June with 1 775 in-may and almost double that quantity,412 vials delivered. This was a substantial increase over the initial quarter shipments of 598 vials. Furthermore, there is a 49 percent upsurge in the amount of Peyronie's disease individuals who submitted for reimbursement in-may and June more than the number of individuals that had submitted for reimbursement by the finish of April.

today announced a materials transfer contract with the University of California program to create five research-grade human being embryonic stem cell lines open to UC system experts. These lines are genetically similar to a lender of GMP-compliant hES cell lines which will be distributed around California-based experts under a recent contract between BioTime and the California Institute for Regenerative Medication . Institutions included in the MTA consist of: University of California, Berkeley , University of California, Davis , University of California, Irvine , University of California, LA , University of California, Merced , University of California, Riverside University of California, NORTH PARK , University of California, SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA , University of California, Santa Barbara , University of California, Santa Cruz , Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, UC Davis INFIRMARY, UC Irvine INFIRMARY, UCLA INFIRMARY, Ronald Reagan UCLA INFIRMARY, Harbor-UCLA INFIRMARY, Olive View-UCLA INFIRMARY, Santa Monica-UCLA INFIRMARY, UCSD INFIRMARY, and UCSF INFIRMARY.