Health care system spent an estimated $19 billion on the care of diabetic foot ulcers, relating to a 2008 study released in the Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association . Research have shown that as much as 85 % of non-traumatic, diabetic leg and feet amputations might have been prevented with early recognition and treatment from physicians such as podiatrists. DPMs, along with essential health care providers, serve as an integral part of the diabetes management team. A podiatrist’s medical education and schooling is comparable to medical doctors, including four years of undergraduate education, four years of graduate education at among eight accredited podiatric medical colleges and several years of residency training.Zurek, BSc, of University of Toronto. Anesthesia-Related Memory Loss Associated with Specific Receptors The experts performed a number of experiments in mice to assess the mechanisms of memory space loss after general anesthesia. The analysis centered on the alpha-5 GABA type A receptors, which are the principal target for some anesthetics. Previous studies had also suggested that these receptors play a role in certain types of anesthesia-related memory impairment. The experiments included engineered mice that lacked the alpha-5 GABA type A receptors genetically. Behavioral tests were used to assess particular types of storage function. However in mice without the alpha-5 GABA type A receptors, memory function was unaffected.