Norman, a Tampa-based dermatologist. An evergrowing concern worldwide, a lot more than 50 million Americans are believed with an autoimmune disease . Women are in higher risk than males as Advertisement's affect ladies 75 % more regularly. Currently Advertisement's are among the top 10 killers of females beneath the age of 65.. Autoimmune disease forum to be kept in Tampa in March 28, 2015 The ‘What Every American Must FIND OUT ABOUT Autoimmune Disease’ public forum arrives in Tampa on Saturday, March 28th. The scheduled program will start at 9:30am and end at 3:30pm.It simply doesn’t get much better than that.. Appendectomy Appendectomy is the surgical removal of the appendix when an infection has managed to get inflamed and swollen. This an infection, called appendicitis, is considered an emergency because it can be existence threatening if untreated — occasionally, an inflamed appendix bursts after a full day of symptoms. So it’s very important to have it taken out as soon as possible. Fortunately, appendectomy is a common complications and method are rare.