Bayer, Epitomics enter provider agreement for antibody technology Epitomics, Inc. Announced today that it provides signed a service contract with Bayer Schering Pharma AG, Germany . Epitomics use its proprietary rabbit monoclonal antibody technology to create antibodies for Bayer HealthCare’s drug focus on identification and validation. ‘Epitomics has already established a long-standing encounter with Bayer Health care. This new contract is a major growth of our collaboration and confirms the achievement of our high quality technology system,’ said Guo-Liang Yu, PhD, CEO of Epitomics, Inc.Nocturnal emissions or nightfall is an extremely common problem that a lot of of the men frequently face. It begins in the adolescence and could continue for a long time if not correctly treated. They are terms generally linked to uncontrolled ejaculations that could happen through the full night when you are asleep. It could happen outside your understanding and keep you messy and embarrassed when you awaken the next morning. An excessive amount of this nightfall may influence one’s wellness adversely leaving him experience tired and weak during the day. Excessive nocturnal emissions also cause exhaustion and aversion from sex. A guy who is suffering from this nightfall frequently have a strained sexual existence where he either loses ability from getting physical along with his partner or does not reach the climax.