Also in global wellness news: HIV/AIDS in Bangladesh; river blindness in Tanzania; potential disease fighting capability booster; compounds might fight TB U.S. Commits $13M To Fight HIV/Helps In Bangladesh reviews on a new $13 million U.S.-government initiative aimed at ‘providing HIV-prevention providers to two million at-risk people in Bangladesh including injecting medication users, male, female and transgender sex workers and their clients, and HIV-positive people through a network of 50 wellness centres.’ USAID will partner with Family Wellness International to implement this program .The Prasugrel data premiered at the annual scientific achieving of the American Center Association and is released in the brand new England Journal of Medication. The findings, which come in The Lancet Neurology, demonstrate a real-world advantage to continuing the cholinesterase inhibitor beyond the first stages of the disease for which it really is licensed. They complement the sooner findings for the principal outcomes also, reported in the NEJM in 2012, of improved function and cognition with continued donepezil treatment compared with withdrawal or starting memantine. Among 295 community-living sufferers who got transitioned to moderate-to-severe disease and had been taking donepezil for at least 3 months, withdrawal of the medication in 73 increased the risk of being completely admitted to a nursing home during the first 12 a few months from 20 percent with continuing treatment to 37 percent, offering a hazard ratio of 2.09.