Excessive alcohol consumption can cause liver and heart disease, stroke and cancer, while chocolates that are saturated in fat and sugar can boost the chance of Type 2 diabetes actually. Still, the researchers believe that the study shows that these flavonoid compounds could make a difference. There are various reasons including genetics why people prefer specific foods so we should be cautious until we check them properly in randomized trials and in people developing early diabetes. .. Chocolate, red wine compounds might lower Type 2 diabetes risk Keep snacking on those berries and chocolates and sipping on red wine and tea: Consuming them may lower your threat of developing Type 2 diabetes.That shocking fact is revealing in this YouTube video. Police were set up at many areas to keep the peace between furious, disappointed drivers, reviews Reuters. Frustration grew for superstorm Sandy’s victims in the U.S. On Friday Northeast, a lot of whom were left without power, no gasoline and small information regarding when their shattered lives might return to normal. They forgot about us, said Theresa Connor, 42, describing her Staten Island neighborhood as having been annihilated.