Topical corticosteroids, available since the 1950s, are the most prescribed dermatologic drugs and the mainstay of treatment for most circumstances 24 hours . According to IMS Health, which tracks prescribing data, the total quantity of U.S. Retail prescriptions for steroids rose from 171.3 million in 2007 to 207.6 million in 2012, with topical steroids accounting for 39 million prescriptions. One guy with a stark view of this trend can be Gur Roshwalb, M.D., CEO of Celsus Therapeutics, a medication development company concentrating on novel nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, first-in-class synthetic medications termed Multi-Functional Anti-Inflammatory Medicines . Regarding to Dr. Roshwalb, prolonged usage of steroids can lead to undesirable side effects such as for example tachyphylaxis , rosacea, stretchmarks and skin atrophy.

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Center for Prenatal Pediatrics: A comprehensive care center for ladies and children NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center today announced the opening of The Carmen and John Thain Middle for Prenatal Pediatrics. The new unit provides high-risk pregnant women and their infants the most extensive care currently available, all in a single location. Located on the 12th ground of the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital, the 10,000-square-foot Middle for Prenatal Pediatrics houses seven ultrasound rooms, two echocardiogram areas, multiple exam areas and doctors’ offices, in addition to space to carry out prenatal diagnostic and therapeutic methods, such as for example amniocentesis, chronic villus sampling, and laser therapy for twin-to-twin transfusion.