Cardiome Pharma announces results from Stage 3 clinical research of BRINAVESS Cardiome Pharma Corp. The study was prepared to recruit 615 patients originally, the study was completed after randomising 123 patients however. The study remained sufficiently powered and it achieved the primary endpoint, showing that of the 111 treated sufferers with recent-onset atrial fibrillation enduring 3 hours to seven days, 53 percent of these receiving an IV dose of BRINAVESS converted to normal heart rhythm within 90 a few minutes, compared to 12 percent of placebo individuals .The same teach was also carrying glucose, but reports usually do not indicate set up thieves also got this staple crop. Back March, NaturalNews protected the potential collapse of American agriculture because of the drying up of drinking water aquifers ( That is simply one of the countless causes adding to the decline of agriculture both in america and all over the world. Combined with mass printing of rapidly-inflating fiat currencies, the problem is actually dire for the world’s agricultural systems, which in the foreseeable future may see even more pillaging and raping like what occurred in Brazil. That anyone would proceed through this much difficulty to steal $15,000 value of corn kernels says a whole lot about the existing state of the world.